(WSYR-TV) — A slim margin of just 12 votes puts Republican Claudia Tenney in the lead for the 22nd Congressional seat over Democratic Incumbent Anthony Brindisi.

“It’s been very exciting and it’s been like a rollercoaster,” says Tenney. After the votes were tallied on election day, Tenney led Brindisi with more than 28,000 votes. But throughout the absentee-ballot counting, Brindisi closed the gap and at one point led the contest. “We’ve been up and down and this is a very tough race.”

The court proceedings that followed the absentee counting process continued Monday. Justice Scott J. DelConte in the Fifth Judicial District in Oswego County Supreme Court held a virtual meeting with attorneys from both campaigns and is expected to make a decision soon.

Flaws in the ballot counting processes and how that process differs from county to county has been highlighted during the court proceedings. “The fact that Governor Cuomo changed the rules on us with an executive order in August, which changed the absentee balloting and a lot of the rules, I think it’s been really tough on the boards of elections and it’s not really their fault,” said Tenney. “I know they’re trying their best to get it done and it’s unfortunate it’s led to some chaos and it’s up to the court to sort this out.” In conclusion, Tenney said, “It’s a lot of pressure on everyone and everyone has to be patient and hope justice is served in the end.”