Beware of what you find online if you clip coupons to save cash: fake offers are circulating targeting many retailers.

A Facebook post caught Melissa Sheriff’s eye recently, offering $100 off at ALDI stores. She’s loves a good deal and knew that offer was too good to be true.

Sheriff did a little research and found many more posts, ranging from $60-$100 in savings, some claiming to be celebrating the company’s anniversary.

The company logo for the fake deals looks real, but anyone who clicks the link for more information may open their computer or mobile device to a virus.

“Next thing I know everyone is sharing it,” Sheriff explains. “People are sharing it on each other’s pages and messaging the coupon to each other and tagging each other in posts saying ‘great deal, great deal, you have to print out this coupon.'”

A spokesperson for ALDI offered NewsChannel 9 a statement from Aaron Sumida, Tully division Vice President, hoping to set the record straight:

We understand the confusion that some customers have experienced with digital coupon scams affecting ALDI and other retailers. On Friday, we shared a post on our Facebook page to let our customers know that ALDI doesn’t issue electronic coupons or gift cards. These offers weren’t authorized or distributed by ALDI and will not be honored at ALDI locations. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this situation may cause our customers.

The message posted by the Company Friday on Facebook reads:

Hi, ALDI USA fans! There’s a fake ALDI coupon making its way around the internet…again. We don’t offer electronic coupons and they won’t be accepted at our stores. We’re working on fixing the situation, so if you’d like to help us out and spread the news, feel free to share this post. We’re sorry for the confusion.

By Monday afternoon, more than 9,000 users had shared the post, which included 570 comments.

Sheriff also shared a warning right away after a relative was apparently fooled by the offer.

“Some people don’t understand that these coupons aren’t real and to think that they could be hacked or they could get a virus just because they want to save a little money is upsetting,” she says.

ALDI isn’t alone. There are dozens of similar fake coupons targeting many other businesses on social media.

People who click the links might consider changing passwords right away.