SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Family, friends, and strangers gathered today to honor Roberta Drury one week after she was killed in the Buffalo mass shooting.

Roberta, a 32-year-old Cicero native, had a funeral at Assumption Church that was centered on her family’s strong Catholic faith.

Friar Nicholas Spano was one of the individuals who spoke about Roberta’s life at her funeral. “Every time she talked with friends and family, she was that light that shown through whatever darkness might be present,” said Friar Spano.

Pastor Daren Jaime, of the People’s AME Zion Church, also spoke at Roberta’s funeral. Pastor Jaime stressed to Roberta’s family that God is their strength. “We want you to be encouraged. We want you to be lifted up,” said Pastor Jaime. “And in a day where it seems like evil prevails, we want you to know that love prevails and God still wins.”

Roberta’s sister, Amanda, said that she wants her to be remembered for her smile, love, and compassion, adding that those who knew Roberta were lucky to be in her presence.

If you would like to donate to the Buffalo 5/14 survivor’s fund, you can visit this webpage.