SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The 93-year-old woman who was murdered at the Skyline Apartment complex in Syracuse on Tuesday has been identified. Syracuse Police say she is Concetta “Connie” Tuori. She lived in the apartments.

NewsChannel 9 got in touch with some of her family members, who tell us Tuori was a woman who traveled to all seven continents and dozens upon dozens of countries during her time.

“She was always very educated and she always valued that in her family. She wanted to make sure everyone went to college and got their advanced learning. That was always a big emphasis in her life,” said Pat Leone, Tuori’s great-nephew.

Tuori’s family says even into her late 80s, she would continue to travel. Her trips would be weeks at a time, so she could learn about the culture and the landscape of wherever she wanted to go.

Her great-nephew, Pat Leone, told NewsChannel 9 a story about how Tuori broke her hip in Myanmar and had to stay for more than a month to rehab.

Leone says Tuoir never married and had no children, but she was fearless and ready for the next adventure.

Her family says in the last year there were talks about moving her from the Skyline Apartments because of the dangers of that area.

Her great-nephew says it was difficult to get someone who had seen more of what this world has to offer than most to move from a place she did not fear.

“She was really hesitant to do that,” Pat Leone said. “Part of that is she had adventures and went to exotic places and had been in less than ideal situations throughout her life. I don’t know that she took it seriously just living in the apartment building in downtown where she was or whatever that it was, as you know, it could be as risky as it was.”

Leone says it is still very early in the grieving process for he and his family, but he is hoping to get to her belongings at some point.