SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Leonard Casciano lived in East Syracuse his whole life. On April 22, 2021 he was transferred to Van Duyn Center for Rehabilition and Nursing after being treated at Crouse Hospital for hypermetabolism which is when your body’s metabolic rate increases. He was approved for a 22-day short-term rehabilitation.

Casciano died on May 6, 2021. In a lawsuit filed by his estate, it alleges the staff and Van Duyn was negligent and reckless.

According to the suit, Casciano’s primary treatment included a high-calorie diet, but he was given a regular diet.

The lawsuit also claims when an autopsy was performed he weighed 110 pounds, but when he was weighed at Crouse on April 22, he weighed 134 pounds.

The lawsuit claimed Casciano didn’t have a way to contact one of his sisters, who was his legal and personal guardian because his room phone was broken.

On May 5, the night before he died, the lawsuit claims he somehow fell and was found on the floor. The suit claims it was documented on his chart but his legal guardian was not made aware until the next day, when she was informed about his death.

In the suit, according to the nursing home, he was found dead in his room at 8:30 a.m. on May 6, but both the medical examiner and the funeral director stated based on their exams they believe Casciano was quote “deceased for quite some time” likely around midnight on May 5.

As a result of what they call negligence, the family is seeking punitive damages and attorney fees in this suit.

Tonight Van Duyn issued the following statement: “Though the Van Duyn Center family is saddened by the death of Mr. Casciano, it is not our practice to comment on pending litigation, and we are confident the matter will be appropriately addressed and determined by our court system.”

Leonard Casciano was the brother of NewsChannel 9’s Christie Casciano.

Court documents can be found here.