SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – One son shot to death the other still in the hospital recovering from his injuries. 24-year-old Akok Lual and his 19-year-old brother, Lual Lual, were two of five victims shot in Saturday’s early morning shooting in Armory Square.

Akok Lual died shortly after the incident at Upstate University Hospital. His younger brother, Lual, is continuing to recover from his injuries.

In an emotional interview just days after his two sons were shot, Akok and Lual’s father, Peter, sat down with NewsChannel 9’s Adrienne Smith inside the family’s Eastwood home.

Peter was working his shift at Upstate Community Hospital when he got the call no parent ever wants to receive that not one but two of his sons were shot.

“Friday, 16th, I was working and my daughter called me at work,” Peter explained. “She told me that Akok and Lual get shot.”

Akok was the oldest of 6 children. The loss of Akok is leaving Peter and the whole family with unimaginable pain.

“To lose Akok is not easy for me. It’s not easy,”

Peter Lual, Father of Akok and Lual Lual

Peter told NewsChannel 9 Akok was the family’s helper. He had many friends and always put others before himself.

“Akok is the one to take me to work, to take his mom to work, to take his brother to work, and go to work by himself,” Peter explained. “It’s hard for me not knowing because I want know what is the reason that allowed my son to be killed.”

In 2000, Peter, his wife Mary and their two sons fled their country Sudan. Five years later, the Lual family started a new life in Syracuse, one they hoped would be free of violence.

There is war in Sudan. People fight and that is why I took my family, and we came to America for a better life.

Peter Lual, Father of Akok and Lual

Akok’s girlfriend, Mariam Bility of Syracuse, have dated for the past five years. Now, she’s also grieving after Akok was shot to death.

It doesn’t feel real. It feels like I feel like every time I’m down the street I’m like, ‘hey come outside. I’m about to be here’, and every time I come here, I just expect him to come down the stairs or come through the door, but you just keep waiting and waiting and waiting and nothing happens. You know, but you don’t want to believe.

Mariam Bility, Akok’s Girlfriend

At the time of his death, Akok worked as a sales associate at Lowe’s. According to his obituary, services for Akok will be Saturday, April 23. He will be laid to rest at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Minoa.