MARSHALL STREET, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Just a few days away now from Syracuse taking on Clemson, and whether you are traveling to Death Valley to watch or staying here in Central New York, it’s important to rep those orange and navy blue colors.

Whether it’s in the Dome on Marshall Street, or in the mall, the owner of University Sports Shops and general manager of Manny’s, Mike Theiss has been outfitting the Central New York community in their orange attire for decades.

When there is a special event coming up for the Orange, Theiss knows it.

Well I was the merchandise manager at the Dome for 25 years before buying this business 11 years ago so it’s basically been my life and we talked earlier there are some similarities to 1987 and 1987 was just a phenomenal year and hopefully we can keep it going you know?

Mike Theiss

At University Sports Shops, Theiss says their success seems to be correlated with the team’s success, whereas Manny’s being right in the heart of SU’s campus, it’s a regular spot for students.

“Manny’s we tend to get a lot more of the students and their parents and alumni that come into town and the tailgaters, here we get a lot more of the local community people that shop maybe a day or two before the game because they are getting prepared to go up to the game,” Theiss says.

No. 5 Clemson and No. 14 Syracuse, it’s a battle of the oranges, but fans are making sure they come to one of Theiss’ stores to pick out the right shade of orange for the battle this weekend, and even jerseys.

“This season I think I have really enjoyed,” Theiss said. “We have been able to do the name image and likeness thing so we have got Sean Tucker jerseys and next week before the Notre Dame game we are supposed to be getting Garret Shrader jerseys and then more Tucker jerseys.”