As Syracuse University students return to campus after spring break, they’re just hearing the news that assistant coach Mike Hopkins is moving across the country.

Many fans are stunned to hear Hopkins will head up the University of Washington basketball team.

“He’s been such a landmark here for such a long time that the transition I thought was all planned out, that he was going to be taking over for Jimmy,” said Craig Cramphin.

Hopkins was believed to be a shoe-in for the head coaching job for the Orange, so fans are now left speculating as to what this might mean for current Head Coach Jim Boeheim.

“You know, he’s said he’s going to retire after next year, but I personally think that with the sanctions and the scholarships and everything he wants to keep coaching and he might’ve told Mike ‘you know I’m going to be here for a little bit longer if you want to pursue other options,” said Cramphin.

By 7 p.m. on Sunday, some of those questions were answered. Boeheim would agree to an extension.

Still, as Coach Hopkins turns from one of the Orange to a Husky, the long-term future of SU looks a little less certain.