SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s not unusual for someone to attend the same school as their parent or even study the same degree, but how about doing all of that at the exact same time?

It’s been the reality for one father-daughter duo taking on Syracuse University’s College of Law together.

“It’s not embarrassing to go to school with your parent,” said Lauren Deutsch.

For Lauren and her father, Scott, it’s actually pretty cool.

(Courtesy: Scott Deutsch) Scott and Lauren Deutsch

Scott always wanted to go to law school, but after years in the military, his dream faded. That is until he found the JDinteractive (JDi) program at Syracuse University, a fully online law degree program.

“It was a perfect opportunity to accomplish a very old goal,” said Scott.

It’s a goal his daughter shared. Lauren knew in high school she wanted to pursue a career in law. When it came time for her to apply to law schools, Scott was already in the program at SU for almost a year.

“It [College of Law] was so welcoming toward him being, you know, halfway through his life and still wanting to chase his dreams, so I can appreciate how much energy they’re giving in to their students coming from whatever backgrounds," said Lauren.

Hearing about her dad’s experiences there made it a no brainer. Lauren is now in her first year at the College of Law with Scott in his second.

She’s not just following her father’s footsteps, she’s walking beside him on a journey they now share together.

"It's so good to be able to talk to not just anyone but my own dad who'll be brutally honest but will also dumb it down for me considering some of the cases are very difficult," said Lauren. 

Our conversations are not just as father-daughter caring, kind, considerate, looking, making sure everything’s ok ‘how are you doing,’ or just getting a normal ‘hey what’s been going on in your life.’ Now, it’s a combination of ‘hey how are you doing by the way, are you completely stressed out?’ It’s a lot more fun. Not only do I get to hear how her day went and how her classes are going, but I know those classes and it’s not like 20 years I went to law school. I was in the exact same class she’s taking right now, last year at this time.

Scott Deutsch

They have the same professor, study the same cases, and root for the same team — and it’s this special bond that will push them one step and one case closer to their dream.

“I put this goal on the back burner because I had kids and I wanted to make sure they had what they needed in life," said Scott. "If it inspires somebody to dust off an old dream and make that jump and tackle that fear and go after what they really want to, then that’s fabulous, that’s what I hope. I hope that this inspired even one person to not quite and not give up a dream.”

I think it’s really cool. I take pride in it. This has been super amazing and I could not think of anyone better to be doing law school with than my dad.

Lauren Deutsch