ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The father of Kenny DeLand, Jr., a St. John Fisher University student who went missing in Grenoble, confirmed on Friday that his son is alive, according to French officials.

Ken DeLand Sr. was in the middle of a phone call with CNN when he hung up the phone and later told them that he had just spoken to his son and that he was alive.

DeLand Sr. did not elaborate further on the conversation with his son or where he is. However, French prosecutor Eric Vaillant, who was investigating DeLand’s disappearance, confirmed that DeLand Jr. had an exchange with his family and is currently believed to be in Spain.

The DeLand family had not heard from DeLand Jr. since November 27 while he was studying abroad in France and his peers reported him missing two days later. DeLand Sr. said that his son left his host family’s house and boarded a train to Valence. He added that his son entered a store in Montelimar and made a transaction.

Eric Vaillant, a public prosecutor in Grenoble, launched an investigation into DeLand’s disappearance. The family made a website with the goal of trying to find their missing son.