SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Feldmeier Equipment, for months now, has been making a key component needed for the development of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Syracuse-based company at its home headquarters makes a number of vessels or tanks for use by the pharmaceutical and biologics industry.

They were tapped just weeks into the pandemic with creating the tanks needed by drug companies to start developing a coronavirus vaccine.

“You tell your grandkids about this stuff. We’re there in the fight. There’s a pandemic going on and there’s a need that the world recognizes and we’re part of the solution,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Feldmeier Equipment, Dave Pollock.

The company has also been filling orders for companies on the therapeutic side of the covid fight and those making hand sanitizer and cleaning products.

Pollock tells NewsChannel 9, “It’s been quite a challenge because of the fast pace of it, but our people have accepted the challenge to go do this and that’s who makes this all work for us.”

He confirms to NewsChannel 9 that Feldmeier has been making tanks for both Moderna and Pfizer in the development of their vaccines.

“We make tanks, you get into the rut that we do that day after day, and you put the focus on, Jeff, that we’re actually out there making a product that is going to save lives and we explain that to our people and they get a gleam in their eye when they see that because it’s important, they can relate to that,” Pollock says.

With the need to make billions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine Feldmeier doesn’t see any slow down in orders for its tanks through all of 2021.

“We’re up to the challenge, our people are ready to go and make it happen. It’s a small company here in Syracuse but I think we’re playing a big part in what’s happening,” Pollock adds.

The company is looking for more people to join its workforce, “I’d hire 30 people right now if I could find the right people,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

Click here to learn more about Feldmeier’s job opportunities. The company is willing to train candidates it deems worthy of being hired.