Every flight you’ve ever taken, and every pilot who has helped lead you through it, can probably be traced back to a wooden flight simulator housed at the MOST in Downtown Syracuse. 

The Link Flight Trainer, designed by Edwin Link of Binghamton in the 1930s, was donated to the museum in 2016.

It played a pivotal role in the aviation history of the United States. 

“Every flight school had three or four of these trainers,” Dr. Peter Plumley of the MOST said. “By the middle of [World War II], over a half million Navy and Air Force pilots had gone through basic training in a link trainer.”

The Link Flight trainer at the MOST is believed to be the only one in the country available for the public to sit inside and operate. 

Most, like one shown at the Smithsonian, are only on display. 

MOST visitors of all ages can use the trainer, which is an original, during the museum’s normal hours.