Counties across New York state needed to have a draft of their Shared Services Plans completed and submitted by the end of the day Tuesday.

But the process hasn’t always been easy as many local lawmakers fought to stop the governor’s initiative.

Despite much opposition, most of the counties in our viewing area actually met the deadline.

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney submitted the county’s plan late last week. Cortland County has already submitted its plan and hosted all three of its required public hearings. Oneida, Madison and Tompkins counties will all have submitted by the end of the day.

The five counties will be eligible for funding as early as January 1st.

However, both Oswego and Cayuga Counties have not submitted their drafts to the state. Cayuga County saying the timeline was just too “daunting.”

The state says the two counties must provide a reason to the public as to why they could not come up with a plan. Oswego and Cayuga Counties will need to go through the process again next year.

In terms of funding, counties submitting their plans next year will still be eligible in 2019 and the state says it will be the same amount, the only benefit of turning in a plan this year is another year of savings.

Local lawmakers have the chance to discuss what they like or don’t like about the plan before counties either approve, modify, or turn down the draft before September 15th.

Onondaga County is hosting a public hearing on Thursday at East Syracuse Minoa High School at 6 pm.