SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Following the use of cannabis products without proper state licensing, the Mayor’s Office announced that five Syracuse smoke shop have been shut down.

New York Exotic Smoke Shop

Located at 123 Marshall Street.

Escape Exotic Corporation

Located at 167 Marshall Street.

Northside Express LLC

Located at 400 Wolf Street.

Smoke City 420 LLC

Located at 1105 N. Salina Street.

T’s Wireless

Located at 410 S. Warren Street.

Mayor Walsh said that the City’s Division of Code Enforcement, with New York State investigators from the State Department of Taxation and Finance and the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) seized the products and closed the shops.

This was an eight week process.

“These stores posed a risk to public health and safety. They were flagrantly ignoring the State’s requirement to be licensed to sell adult use cannabis products.  Without following the licensure process there is no way to know if the products at their stores were safe for human consumption,” said Mayor Walsh.

The stores face state violations for possession or sale of various amounts and types of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrate and pre-rolls without a license.

“We are grateful for the partnership of the Syracuse Police Department in this effort to close these unlicensed cannabis shops and protect New York’s licensed cannabis market,” said Chris Alexander, Executive Director of the New York State Office of Cannabis Management. “We look forward to continuing to work together with our partners in law enforcement to protect public health and safety.”

According to the Mayor’s Office, City Code Enforcement officials closed and boarded up the Marshall Street locations on Thursday and the north side and downtown sites on Monday. They were issued unfit declarations for operating unlicensed retail locations under the New York State Property Maintenance Code.