Heavy rain too much for Owasco Lake, flooding homes and businesses in Moravia

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MORAVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The heavy rain Wednesday into Thursday was too much water for Owasco Lake, which overflowed its banks overnight and flooded homes and businesses.

Instead of welding, Stephen Lonsky has been wading through water all day.

Thursday morning, he had to park across the street because the parking lot was so flooded. 

“It was all the way up. It went inside the shop and inside the office,” Lonsky said. 

In the floodplain of Owasgo Lake, Lonsky admits this isn’t the worst flood he’s seen over his 30 years working here at Mor-Fab Inc., but he said every other instance, there was more time to prepare.  

“Usually if we think there’s going to be a flood, we’ll move everything up on saw horses,” Lonsky said. “We didn’t do that last night. We’re hoping we can dry things out and it’ll still work.”

When asked what it looked like inside, Stephen told NewsChannel 9 it was hard to say. 

“I’m still assessing that. I haven’t been in the office, but I assume it’s a muddy mess.” 

That was the case for the fabrication company next door too, where workers had to push mud out of their garages. They said they’d never seen anything like the feet of water inside.  

“You can’t beat Mother Nature or Father God. It’s like you’re winning a losing battle to put pumps in here,” Lonsky said.  

A few miles down the road, Jane Manning spared damage inside her restaurant, Drifters on Owasco.

Outside, she was reminded of the risks of owning water-front property. When she left work Wednesday night, her docks were a foot higher than the water. Early Thursday morning, they were inches under water.

Manning told NewsChannel 9, “We’ve heard stories of boats getting punctured; windshields getting crushed because the water coming up so fast, it jammed them up into their hoists.” 

“People are grateful for what they could save and a little shocked about what they could not save,” Manning said.

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