SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Despite the pandemic, it was business as usual for James Flowers in Syracuse on Valentine’s Day, which, for them, means busy. 

The flower shop started prepping a week ahead of time to make Sunday special. 

To make those beautiful arrangements last, there’s a trick.

“Simple thing I have people, customers come in and ask me ‘what do I do?’ Well we give you the little food packet, right? About four or five days, you take it and put fresh water. Hold ’em in your hands. Clip the ends about a half-inch or so, so the flower can continue to drink. Put it back in the water. You get a lot longer lasting life out of your flowers,” said Terrell Travis, a floral designer at James Flowers.

He says red roses are the most popular, but they’ve also seen a lot of stargazer orders, which is a type of lily.