Food truck cooks working hard to stay hydrated in this weekend’s heat

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You might be cranking up the AC or turning on a fan, but for others, the only way to get paid is to sweat it out!

That’s certainly true for those in food service! The only thing hotter than the delicious eats you’re enjoying are the food trucks serving them. But it’s their livelihood and what they’re passionate about — serving our community.

So they adapt to the conditions, stay hydrated, and they’ve got it down to a science.

Inside the Chef and the Sea is a well-choreographed operation. They’ve been doing this for five years.

Each one of them knows what they have to do to keep things running smooth, but keeping cool is something they still haven’t figured out.

“The moment you get dehydrated, you get sluggish. You can get headaches, you can start puking. It’s not fun when you’re trying to work,” said DeAnna Germano, Owner and Chef of The Chef & The Cook.

With a line of customers at lunchtime, they adapt.

“We kind of take turns,” said Germano. “That’s why we have three people, one person will step out one person will stay in.”

In between wiping the sweat off their foreheads, the biggest thing is making sure they drink enough water.

“Usually 4-6 hours is the max we can stand over the equipment before we need a break. And that’s even, that’s a long time,” said Germano.

What they do have this year is an upgrade. A truck a bit bigger, filled with newer equipment.

“We put a really good hood fan in here to make sure it’s sucking out a lot of the heat,” said Germano. “So this is a lot cooler than a lot of other trucks.”

Between the sizzling frier and the steaming hot grill, it’s one small thing that makes a big difference. Not necessarily cooling them off, but keeping them cool enough to serve up their favorites.

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