SODUS, NY (WROC) — A former colleague of the man charged with double murder for the deadly shooting last year in Wayne County says suspect Timothy Dean initially planned to stage an overdose.

Bron Bohlar, a former officer in the Sunray Police Department in Texas where Dean served as police chief, pleaded guilty to conspiracy for helping Dean rent a car as part of the murder plot in Sodus last summer.

Dean is accused of opening fire on Carlton Street, killing Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn last October. However, taking the stand on Wednesday, Bohlar said a shooting wasn’t Dean’s original plan.

Speaking in court, Bohlar said Dean initially wanted to make Niles’ death appear to be a drug overdose.

“He was going to put a fentanyl patch on him,” Bohlar told jurors.

Tuesday, Dean’s wife Charlene Childers testified that she planned the murder with Dean after Niles, her ex, was granted custody of her kids.

On the stand, Childers said they decided “something had to be done.” Childers later added, “I told my husband the murder had to happen and he agreed.”

Childers pleaded guilty last month to charges of manslaughter for the murders.

Dean faces life behind bars if convicted in the case.