WESTMORELAND, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — 84-year-old Eva Fuld is remembered by her students as a teacher who really had a passion for her job. She was a language teacher at Westmoreland Central Schools in Oneida County.

Daniel Brown, who was a freshman in Fuld’s French class in 1970, said her students were her priority.

“She wasn’t into the really happy, fooling around type class. She meant business and she wanted everyone to learn.” Brown said she was very serious about her job, and she wanted her students to get the most out of her class every day.

“That’s why she was a good teacher. She took the approach of making you do it in a good way and making you pronounce words.”

After learning of her death, several co-workers and former students shared stories on social media about what life was like in the classroom with her. They also spoke about her sweet, quiet, and dedicated demeanor.

Many of her students valued her for what she loved most.

“She was there to teach, yeah she was there to teach, and that’s the type of quality that she had.”

Superintendent, Rocco Migliori released this statement on Thursday:

“She was a retired foreign language teacher in our district but unfortunately I never had the pleasure of knowing her.  I have heard from many people over the past day what a lovely, sweet, gentle, and passionate woman she was.  As far as a vigil is concerned, I have not heard that anything is planned but I haven’t spoken with our retired teachers’ association as of yet.”

Eva Fuld retired from the district in 1991, according to Migliori.