FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — A class of preschool children at Fort Drum have given their hearts to the White House for Valentine’s Day.

During first lady Jill Biden’s visit to Fort Drum on January 30, she and Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks met with a class at South Riva Ridge Child Development Center.

The national leaders were greeted into the classroom by the young children, who were visibly excited to see their VIP visitors. Something the center had been preparing for,

“We all came together to make sure the environment was looking spot on. Made sure that the children were prepped. To really make sure that there was going to be some great interactions and just a great time had by all, ” South Riva Ridge CDC Facility Director Jordan Brown said.

The first lady introduced herself to the children as “Jill.” She immediately sat down with them, where the preschoolers struck up small talk. One even asked, “how’s Joe?”

“The kids were really excited to have her here and we were just really honored that she was here to showcase what we do,” Brown expressed.

Along with Dr. Hicks, Biden helped the students with Valentine’s Day crafts.

But these crafts had a purpose. They will be taken back to the White House to be featured in the East Wing for a military family display.

“These providers and these children, they work hard every day,” Brown shared. “So getting to showcase their work is just something I’m very ecstatic to be a part of, and getting to know that those children’s artwork is to be hung in the White House is just amazing.”

The first lady also spoke with Fort Drum Child Development Center staff during the visit and learned what resources they have to offer.

“She grasped a lot of great pieces of what Fort Drum does,” Brown explained. “Especially when it comes to spouses. We employ a lot of spouses here. They’re an integral part of our program. So we want to make sure that we’re highlighting them. As well as the children, they are our future.”

A true celebration of Valentine’s Day, but one close to Fort Drum’s heart,