(WSYR-TV)–With arguably one of the biggest grilling days of the year dawning upon us. Many of the foodies are eagerly waiting to either show their masterful BBQ skills or if they’re like me, they’re waiting to delve into the delicious dishes.

Obviously, with prices soaring these days, it may be a bit more difficult to purchase the ingredients you need for your meals. Although this isn’t a list for cheap places to find food, here are some stores that are offering deals for the Fourth of July.

Now, let’s get on with this Fourth of July must have meals!

  1. Burgers and hot dogs

Obviously burgers and hot dogs would be on this list as they are the foundation of any cook out. There are so many different ways to make a burger have it’s own flare.

You could keep it original with a good ole’ fashioned American burger or try spicing it up with a chorizo burger. By adding garnishes to the burger like bacon, avocado, mushroom, fried egg, or even something wacky like macaroni salad, whatever it may be, these simple ingredient twists are going to aspire your guests.

As for a hot dog, many people tend to forget the essentials of a good Coney. Whether it’s a chili cheese dog, a poutine dog, or even a a hot dog with pulled pork slathered on it, the link above provides you with recipes that will either have you tempted to try one, or second guess whoever created it.

2. Jerk chicken

Now, this one can be a bit difficult as it does need to be done just right in order to get that savory flavor.

There are a vast amount of recipes for jerk chicken and overall, if spicy food isn’t your thing, you may want to steer clear of this idea. If you are a lover of spicy food, then this is right up your alley! The most common pepper used in jerk chicken is Scotch Bonnet which ranges from 100,000-350,000 on the Scoville Unit. Some people choose to top this off with jerk sauce which is most certainly just as spicy.

Ingredients can vary for Jerk Chicken and you can tamper with ingredients to see what you think is best for the guests, if you wish to make it less spicy, there are other recipes online that offer you different approaches.

Once again, this chicken is not for the faint of heart, hence the name, but it is worth the try!

3. Potato Salad

Potato salad is also part of the Fourth of July food foundation, therefore, we can’t leave it out of the list.

There are far too many recipes that deliver the delish. Although I know there are some people out there who are not fond of potato salad, hang in there, this is just one of the must haves.

There is such an assortment of potato salad, that there is bound to be a recipe for everyone. If you are into bacon and potato’s, then maybe German potato salad is for you as it offers that savory zing to it. Maybe your into the more southern side of things and prefer your potato salad to be a bit sweeter which is probably the most common recipe. This recipe offers consumer a mixture of potato’s, eggs, sour cream, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, onion, celery, pepper, and dill weed.

That being said, click the link attached for other recipes, that may make you think twice before you make that same old potato salad recipe you’ve been making for years!

4. Pie

Obviously everyone knows just how crucial apple pie is during the Fourth of July, but try sprucing it up with some berries if you dare!

With apple pie, I know it’s a bit controversial to add anything to it, but hear me out, this recipe will leave your guests asking for the recipe and will leave people hounding you for more. All you have to do is make your usual apple pie and add fresh raspberries to it. It leaves consumers with a ooey gooey experience that makes for the perfect dessert.

Apple pie is the go-to pie for the Fourth, but, you can also make blueberry pie, cherry pie, rhubarb pie, or almost any pie you can think of.

Of course, if you choose to make a regular apple pie, guests will love it, but maybe try one of these attached recipes to be the talk of the party.

5. Ribs

Ribs come in a multitude of tastiness. Whether you prefer smoked ribs, or grilled, you cannot forget about ribs for your BBQ.

The key to the perfect rib isn’t only the seasoning, but also the sauce (or the marinade if you choose to marinade them).

There are so many different barbeque sauces you can use as a coating, or you can make your own! Getting the perfect cook on ribs is essential to giving them the best flavor and pro tip, marinating ribs overnight or for a few hours, will allow the marinade to soak into the meat, allowing every bite to hold an immense amount of flavor.

Whatever the case, ribs are a MUST at your celebration!

6. Macaroni Salad

Just like potato salad, there are many forms of this salad that can be made.

If you wish to have more of a seafood macaroni salad, try adding tuna to it! It brings a great hearty taste to the salad. Not only that, it’s healthier than regular macaroni salad and won’t leave you feeling completely guilty if you choose to get more after your first dish!

Or maybe you want to stick with the all-American macaroni salad seeming how we are celebrating Independence day. Surely, whatever way you choose to make your macaroni salad, it won’t disappoint.

It also allows another option for those who may not like potato salad!

7. Fruit/Fruit Salad

Any Fourth of July celebration should have fruit, whether its just a watermelon sliced up, or a fruit salad, it’s yet another food that is the definition of July 4.

There’s not much to a fruit salad honestly, and it is a quick filler, if you can’t think of a side dish!

All you need is an assortment of fruit (blueberries, kiwi, melon, strawberries, etc.) you cut them up and throw them together in a bowl and there you have it, fruit salad!

Fruit is always a great thing to offer at merely any celebration as it serves as a sweet treat and who doesn’t love fruit?!

Obviously, I didn’t cover all the essentials, like beans, corn, other desserts, and whatever else, but the take away is, food is great!

Regardless of what you make to eat, just enjoy your time with friends and family and don’t worry about it too much (but maybe just keep it in your thoughts as you’re preparing for this Fourth of July weekend).