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Throw out all the rules you have heard about wearing glasses because anything goes. Frameology Optical, in East Syracuse, lets you create your own style. Step out of your comfort zone and try frames that are funky and fun or stick with what you love and stay traditional and mellow. The eyeglass frame company has it all.

For people who sit in front of a screen all day or spend a lot of time on their phone computer glasses are key. Not having them could case neck pain. Computer glasses are designed to limit strain on the neck and reduce blue light.

If blue light bothers you, owner of Frameology Optical, Stacy Daniel, suggested getting blockers to help. “The blue light blockers, block the blue light. Help you from eye strain, sleep better, vision, you can see better but when you get off the computer you can visually see better,” Daniel said.

The eyeware shop can cater to any need including adding tent to lenses, sizing the frames for a perfect fit and more.

Frameology Optical is located at 5781 Bridge Street in East Syracuse. Visit their website for more information at or call them at (315)314-6681.

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