SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The building which used to be the Boys and Girls Club in Syracuse’s Tipp Hill neighborhood, is now the Tipperary Hill Community Center.

“What we hope to this is something that long survives us,” said Travis Doty, the center’s Board President.

Doty and his wife Nicole are from Fulton and bought the building. He said they’ve invested about $2.5 million in the project.

“We came here for many years for our boys for basketball tournaments and different sporting events,” said Nicole Doty who is the Executive Director. “We enjoyed the gym. It was a beautiful space in a nice area. And we always thought it could be utilized so much more.”

It’s already being used by basketball and pickleball leagues, but they hope to add classrooms, daycare and a food pantry among other things.

“The more positive recreational activities you can provide for the youth, especially through the evening, always pays off huge dividends for the neighborhoods in the city,” said Syracuse Common Councilor for District two, Pat Hogan.

Travis and Nicole Doty have also purchased the former Rosie’s Sports Bar across the street. They plan to turn it into a family restaurant. They have also purchased other lots and buildings to expand in future phases through their capital campaign they hope to raise about two million dollars.

“It’s not just the money aspect. It’s time, too. We need people that want to volunteer and help out and people that want to make a difference.”

Travis Doty, Tipperary Hill Community Center Board President

The center will have a youth basketball program next month and they hope to begin tutoring after school next year.

You can learn more by visit the center’s Facebook page.