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FULTON, NY (WSYR-TV) — There’s no waiting around in the City of Fulton, as the new mayor is hitting the ground running just a few days on the job.

Deana Michaels says her plans as the mayor of Fulton are off to a great start.

“During the swearing in and inauguration on Wednesday people were saying I’ve never seen this room so packed,” Michaels said.

So it’s with that kind of community enthusiasm Mayor Deana Michaels walks into her office, she knows it won’t be easy, but Michaels is excited about the challenges ahead, starting simply with decorating her very sparse office.

Michaels said, “We were joking about that earlier, but it’s really true, from where you position your desk to where we position the city, it’s all relevant.”

To start, the mayor will try and address the quality of life and neighborhood issues Fulton faces.

“First of all, we have to get out into the community and hear from those who are living there,” Michaels said. “Understand what’s working and what’s not working, come back, assess that information and come up with a plan on what we need to do to be actively involved in our community.”

Michaels also has longer range plans, like the Nestle’s property. The city plans to use some of the state’s $10 million downtown revitalization money awarded a few months ago for projects there.

Michaels said, “It’s a nice little mixture of manufacturing, retail and some other family friendly opportunities. And across from that, in the Nestle’s parking lot, Charter Communications has started to build over there.”

That project is expected to be finished this year, along with a multi-use trail along the Oswego River. The city got a $900,000 grant to build the trail.

“There’s this sense of pride and eagerness in Fulton, and we’re ready. And all eyes are on Fulton for the first time in a longtime,” Michaels said.

Michaels says they will be having a public input meeting on plans for that $10 million downtown revitalization grant, which she calls a good jumpstart for downtown. She adds the city must, and will, look at all areas of the city for growth.

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