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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) No word yet on the public meetings on the Future of 81 but the recently released draft report includes a plan for communication throughout construction.

The State DOT will require the contractor prepare a communications and public outreach plan for its approval that will be used throughout construction.  

Since there is no contractor yet there are no specifics, but the draft environmental impact statement did mentions things the State would like to see.

The first is a centrally located, on-site project office.

It would be able to accommodate drop-in visitors with any questions, comments and concerns and be staffed by at-least one full-time person during standard work hours.

Second, the establishment of a special phone number that would be used to call and ask any questions about on-going or upcoming construction.

It could be operated as either a full-time, staffed line, a part-time staffed line, or have an answering machine where people can leaves message and knowledgable staff would return calls.

Third, a website developed and maintained to advise people of a variety of construction related issues.

It would include things like upcoming and current street closures, detours, nighttime construction, times and locations of very noisy construction, changes to project schedules.

Fourth, there will be specific communication schedules and procedures to also include things like status updates and other construction related information.

Those could be in the form of flyers at houses of worship, apartment complexes, certain local businesses, even public buses, printed in both english and spanish.

Specific communicaitons on the project for public and private entities, like City police, City fire, hospitals, schools, universities, large employers, and trucking services.

It would also include a plan for coordinating with media like TV and radio, as well as the use of social media, like Facebook, Twitter and any other appropriate social networking.

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