CANASTOTA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Gas prices are creeping closer and closer to $5.00 a gallon, and they’re not only impacting drivers but people who like to spend time out on the lake too.

Andrew Scewczyk lives in Hamilton and he travels to Oneida Lake to dock his boat at Callahan’s Marina in Canastota. “It’s a local lake and it’s really a great lake, it really is. I’ve been on this lake for, oh boy, 40 years and it’s just a great lake.”

On Friday, he was getting his 40 foot long boat ready for the season, but he’s not looking forward to the amount he will have to spend filling it up this year. “We’re going to put $1,000 in it and try to make it last.” His boat holds 400 gallons, which usually costs him about $600. He said the $1,000 he plans to spend won’t even fill his tanks.

Scewcyzk says he won’t be traveling as much this summer. “It’s going to affect our travel, that’s why we went over to the landing with the camper and it’ll stay there for the summer and we won’t have to go up and down the road with that, thank God. And this here (pointing to his boat), we’re just going to go out on the lake and it’ll sit here a lot.”

James Callahan, who owns Callahan’s Marina with his brother Mike, said other boaters have told him they won’t be traveling the lake as much. “You know, it’s the same thing like everybody, with the price of gas, you know, they’re like ‘We might not use our boat, we might cut back, and we might not travel as far,’ but it’s not going to stop us from using the boats.”

Scewcyzk said he will be using his sail boat more this year. “I bought the sail boat, we’re going to do a lot of sailing and I’ve never sailed before so this ought to be interesting.”