FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Gas prices have been over $4.00 for about a month, and many businesses are feeling the impact — including local landscaping business Swimm Landscaping.

Paul Swimm, the owner of Swimm Landscaping, says he and his team are getting ready for one of their busiest years. “We’ve got work all the way booked out until about August, and we’re still adding on more jobs and trying to put as much on the schedule as possible.”

He said in order to keep adding more jobs, he needs to make sure his employees can get to their work everyday — so he’s helping out a little bit more. “I’ve got other guys that are driving big trucks that are not fuel efficient and a lot of those guys are feeling it, so what I’m trying to do for some of them is, I’m trying to give them extra gas money and just make sure that they’re taken care of, because without my employees my business is not operating.”

Swimm, like almost every other industry, is still feeling the impacts from the pandemic. He said he’s always looking for people, but for now he’s trying to keep the people he already has. “I’m trying to give a lot of people raises as we can afford it, and you know there’s just going to be a little less profit margin for the owners this year.”

He recommends other business owners share the wealth to help their employees because, “without your guys your business is nothing.”