Geddes Police cracking down on tinted windows and paper license plates

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GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — If pulling up to a car window that’s so dark you can’t see inside makes you uneasy, imagine being a police officer on a traffic stop. Geddes police want drivers to lighten up, so they are launching a crackdown one week from at the end of the month. 

And if you have a DIY (do-it-yourself) license plate, then you’re a target too. 

You might think those dark tinted windows make your ride look cool, but police say it puts them at risk. 

“Our officers walk up to vehicles and have no idea who’s in the car, if they have a weapon in the car,” said Geddes Police Chief John Fall, Jr. 

Geddes Police will be walking up to cars with a tool to detect whether the legal 70% or more of light from the outside is passing through the window into the car. 

“(The tool is) a lot smaller than they used to be. We would like the window to be halfway up, the officer will put the tint meter on the side of the window and digitally we print out a reading, right here on the screen,” Fall said. 

They have already written dozens of tickets for illegal tints. 

“We’ve seen as low as 5% transparency in vehicles from our tint meters,” said Fall. 

“I really cannot explain to you why the uptick and why you see so many cars fully tinted out from the windshield, all the way back to the back window now,” added Fall. 

They are also seeing a proliferation of paper license plates that have expired, or were not legally assigned to the vehicle.  

And as police have taken these plates off vehicles, they have started to take off dozens originating from the state of Texas. 

“So, here’s the typical piece of paper license plate, okay it doesn’t look like anything we would see in New York State, and we stopped this car a couple of weeks ago.” 

New York State does not produce paper plates, they make metal dealers’ plates, but that has not stopped some in the area from trying to skirt the system. From duct tape to using their own home computer to print out paper plates, these drivers are looking to avoid legally registering their cars, along with legally insuring them. 

Police will be on the lookout, making sure the fake plates are not giving car owners a license to circumvent the rules.  

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