Getting creative, Syracuse small business owner finds new way to reach her clients

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The effects of COVID-19 is hurting small businesses in Central New York — but one Syracuse business owner is finding new ways to meet her client’s needs.

“We are going over the training plan as normal, I’m just not there,” said Abbe Weiser, owner of Weiser Ways Training.

Weiser is a dog trainer, and her business is completely hands-on. To protect her clients as COVID-19 spreads, she’s now virtual, so it’s a bit more challenging than just getting dogs to roll over.

“Honestly it’s bridging the communication gap, it’s teaching the owner how to be the trainer,” said Weiser. “A lot of people I do work with are losing their revenue and not able to support non-essentials so what’s happening is a lot of people are saying ‘hey listen, I can’t really work with you right now I’m really sorry’ and obviously I’m not upset. This is what’s going to happen.”

So she’ll be there — virtually — when her clients are ready and keep training as many of her four-legged friends as she can.

“Essentially it’s gonna be overall better because it’s gonna teach people how to take charge and how to be a leader, a positive leader, but also it’s really hard because obviously people are harder on me because they need help with the training aspect,” said Weiser.

It’s an adjustment for both Weiser and her clients, but it’s a way Weiser can do what she feels is important.

“Being on the right side of history and making sure I’m doing what’s right for my clients and the rest of our community,” she said.

The hope is to keep tails wagging while keeping this community together, even if it’s from afar.

“The biggest thing I can say right now is, support the people who cannot survive this or the people who really need help with it,” said Weiser. “Take care of the community and understand that one day we’re gonna be the people who are immune deficient, we’re gonna be the people who won’t survive this, so please remember that and take action for the people who can’t.”

Abbe plans to keep lending a paw wherever she can, and hopes kindness will keep spreading throughout the community and people continue to support small businesses in Central New York.

“Get gift cards for Weiser Ways or other businesses that are local and that people like and essentially support them when this is over,” she said.

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