The next time you’re surfing around online, there’s a place worth checking out that will help you get a better read on the health of our CNY community. is the easiest and most comprehensive way for you to do it.

It uses data to track a whole range of areas, like poverty, education, health, jobs and the economy.

A lot of the data has been publicly available for years and now pulled into one portal, but a good deal of it was never before accessible by the public.

Frank Ridzi is the Vice President of Community Investment at the CNY Community Foundation which pulled this project together.

“We have quite a few initiatives in this community of high powered people getting together and trying to make some change and this is meant to enable that, keep the momentum going once people see the change is happening,”  Ridzi tells NewsChannel 9.

He says lets you look at data from Onondaga, Madison, Cayuga, Cortland and Oswego counties.

“It then prompts me, if it was me going there, to say what can I do next.  There are prompts for how to get involved, places to volunteer, boards to join, initiatives you can become involved in.”  Ridzi says.

There’s also a second audience targeted with CNY Vitals Pro that allows groups like the non-profits, governments, policy analysts and grants writer to dive even deeper into the data.  

Click here to access CNY Vitals and CNY Vitals Pro.