SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Ahead of an expected vote any day, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was in Syracuse Monday to make a push for a law that would better help veterans suffering from duty-caused illnesses.

The pending law would help millions of veterans exposed to burn pits and as a result, now suffer from cancer or other illnesses.

Instead of having to prove a burn pit caused their cancer, the bill allows the presumption that related toxins to a veteran’s area of service are what made him or her sick.

Lack of ability to prove the cause has led to many veterans be declined healthcare by the VA.

Gillibrand said: “A lot of these men and women, I think it’s something like 8 out of 9 are denied every time they go to the VA to get just basic healthcare… That has to stop.”

“They have to be given the healthcare benefits and treatment right away,” she continued. “It can save their lives. If this passes, it will save millions of people’s lives and we should be saving the people who went to fight for us, to save us.”

60 votes are required for the bill to pass. Gillibrand says there is some bi-partisan support, but she needs more.

Gillibrand spoke outside VanKeuren Square, a housing project in Syracuse that caters to homeless vets and includes VA services.