(WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection report for restaurants checked during the week of August 14 to August 20, 2022.

Sunset Ridge Golf Club in Marcellus failed its health inspection with two critical violations and five other violations.

The two critical violations were related to the improper cooling and refrigerated storage of potentially hazardous foods.

The inspector says that the upright reach-in cooler was not working correctly and internal air temperature reached 60°F, requiring many pounds of food that needed to be kept below 45°F to be thrown away. Food discarded included:

  • 2-3 lbs. of cooked potatoes at 56.6°F cooked several days earlier
  • 2 lbs. of macaroni salad at 59.8°F cooked a day earlier
  • Several partially filled containers of dressing between 59-61°F that said “refrigerate after opening”
  • Whole cheesecake at 53.2°F purchased day before
  • Partial bag of mixed vegetables reading “keep frozen” at 56.1°F kept for several days
  • 5 lb. sealed container of sour cream at 56.1°F

The inspector says another part of the cooler was also not adequately working and internal air temperature reached 50°F. Other food that needed to be thrown away that should have been kept under 45°F included:

  • Sliced tomatoes at 58.4°F
  • Diced tomato mixture at 53.5°F
  • Salad dressing at 50°F
  • Sliced ham at 57.3°F
  • Prepared black beans at 56.8°F
  • Cooked onions at 53.6°F
  • Sliced ham at 57.3°F
  • Various deli meats at 51.8°F
  • Shrimp at 54.2°F
  • Cooked corn at 50°F
  • Raw salmon at 48.5°F
  • Raw fish at 49.9°F
  • Mixed coleslaw at 48.7°F
  • A container labeled “pork juice” at 49.5°F

Other infractions included:

  • Improper cleaning, washing, and sanitizing of equipment and utensils
    1. Interior of large ice machine in kitchen was dirty
    2. Portable fan stored and used in kitchen area was dirty
  • Inadequate insect/rodent control
    1. Numerous flies observed in the kitchen
    2. Rear door of kitchen propped open
  • Improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities
    1. Some floor areas in the kitchen were dirty

The inspector said a reinspection will be required.

Other restaurants inspected during this time that passed include:

Apizza Regionale260 West Genesee StreetSyracuse8/17/2022
Arby’s Restaurant #696787 Erie Boulevard WestSyracuse8/17/2022
Big Bowl Chinese Restaurant5194 West Taft RoadClay8/15/2022
Blaze Pizza5743 Widewaters ParkwayDewitt8/18/2022
Boys & Girls Club of Syracuse212 Vanburen StreetSyracuse8/16/2022
Cerio’s Tavern1711 Grant BoulevardSyracuse8/16/2022
Change of Pace1802 Grant BoulevardSyracuse8/16/2022
Chipotle Mexican Grill #1562129 Marshall StreetSyracuse8/15/2022
Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub Mobile100 South Lowell AvenueSyracuse8/19/2022
Dewitt Bagel Co4320 East Genesee StreetDewitt8/17/2022
Elbridge Plaza Restaurant243 East Main StreetElbridge8/17/2022
Five Guys Burgers & Fries727 South Crouse AvenueSyracuse8/15/2022
GG Concessions Commissary354 State Route 5Elbridge8/17/2022
Gopuff Kitchen101 Newbury Hollow LaneSyracuse8/15/2022
Holy Cross Catholic Church3690 Armstrong RoadSyracuse8/17/2022
Hops Spot (The)116 Walton StreetSyracuse8/17/2022
Inn Between (The)2290 West Genesee TurnpikeCamillus8/17/2022
Kentucky Fried Chicken7601 Oswego RoadClay8/16/2022
Kentucky Fried Chicken7900 Brewerton RoadCicero8/17/2022
Ling Ling Buffet604 South Main StreetClay8/15/2022
Little Caesars709 North Main StreetClay8/18/2022
Liverpool is the Place – Johnson Par100 Tulip StreetSalina8/17/2022
Marriott Syracuse Downtown100 East Onondaga StreetSyracuse8/19/2022
McDonalds Restaurant3207 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt8/18/2022
Mickeys Goodtime Saloon103 Galster AvenueSyracuse8/15/2022
Moe’s Southwest Grill5256 West Genesee StreetCamillus8/16/2022
Mom’s Diner501 Wescott StreetSyracuse8/16/2022
Munjed’s Mediterranean Restaurant &503-505 Westcott StreetSyracuse8/19/2022
New Garden Weng471 Westcott StreetSyracuse8/19/2022
O’Hara’s ClubHouse at 19th Hole354 NY Route 5Elbridge8/17/2022
Peachtree Sandwich Company4461 East Genesee StreetDewitt8/18/2022
Pie’s The Limit504 East Fayette StreetSyracuse8/19/2022
Pizza Hut #396677801 Brewerton RoadCicero8/15/2022
Prime Steakhouse at the Gridley101 East Water StreetSyracuse8/19/2022
Red Lobster #2472965 Erie Boulevard EastSyracuse8/15/2022
Red Lobster #63233938 State Route 31Clay8/16/2022
Rise N Shine on Westcott500 Westcott StreetSyracuse8/16/2022
Saint Urban124 Dell StreetSyracuse8/16/2022
Silver Fox Adult Day Center240 West Seneca StreetManlius8/15/2022
South Shore Association6690 South Bay RoadCicero8/17/2022
St. Lucy’s Auditorium425 Gifford StreetSyracuse8/17/2022
Stella’s Diner110 Wolf StreetSyracuse8/18/2022
Sushi House3010 Erie Boulevard EastSyracuse8/15/2022
Tim’s Treats Commissary3690 Armstrong RoadSyracuse8/17/2022
Town of Van Buren Parks7350 Canton StreetVan Buren8/16/2022
Wendy’s #11462/5985309 West Genesee StreetCamillus8/16/2022
Wendy’s #308/5913260 Erie Boulevard EastDewitt8/17/2022
Wendy’s #9538/9572028 Park StreetSyracuse8/16/2022
West Hill Country Golf180 Par PlaceCamillus8/17/2022