SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Ever wondered what Syracusans are searching for these days? Google Trends has your answer…in their “Local Year in Search in 2022” for the Syracuse, N.Y. area.

Each year, Google Trends shares the Top 10 trending “near me” searches in each city and this year Syracuse’s top near me search was “diesel prices near me.”

In 2022, Syracuse had some pretty unique searches, and not some you would expect.

It was the only area in the U.S. that had ‘sunflower field’ in its top trending “near me” searches. The top trending recipe for Syracuseans was Garlic Confit and those in Syracuse searched for it more than anyone else.

Syracuse was also one of the two places in the U.S. that has record store as a top trending “near me” search, and an area searched for rap over any other music genre.

For other things that Syracuseans were looking for “near them,” here’s a list of the top “near me” searches in Syracuse.

Top 10 trending “near me” searches in the Syracuse, N.Y. area:

  1. Diesel prices near me
  2. Apple farms near me
  3. Sunflower field near me
  4. Easter brunch near me
  5. Road conditions near me
  6. Cheap gas near me
  7. Gas prices near me
  8. Record store near me
  9. Land surveyors near me
  10. Laser tag near me