TOWN OF CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Great Northern Mall reopened Wednesday as power was slowly restored after being shut off Tuesday.

A tenant who did not want to do an interview on camera said she’s shocked her power was restored so quickly. She thinks the end of the mall is near and already moved some of her business’ contents out.

The quick restoration matches what mall owner Mike Kohan promised in an interview over the phone with NewsChannel 9 Tuesday. The lights were turned on in some areas Wednesday morning, but it took almost the entire day for power to get to all corridors.

Of the mall’s 11 active businesses counted by NewsChannel 9, only a handful reopened as soon as the power returned. A hair salon, Lenscrafters and the Shoe Dept. opened Wednesday. Old Navy, a gymnastics center and an iPhone repair store remained closed.

After confirming a loss of power Tuesday, National Grid would not confirm restoration of service Wednesday. A spokesperson said he could not comment on specific accounts.

Because Kohan reportedly lost power due to unpaid bills, as tenants and the Onondaga County Executive were told, it’s not clear what transpired for National Grid to restore power.

It’s not the first time a mall owned by Kohan lost power for overdue money.

In 2015, National Grid cut power to Rotterdam Center near Albany. At the time, the utility company confirmed to the Albany Times Union it was because of unpaid bills. The mall has since been sold and renamed.

In 2018, Kohan lost power at Lycoming Mall in Central Pennsylvania, a property he still owns.

Kohan owns 55 malls nationwide.

His reputation comes with a history of unpaid taxes, foreclosures, bankruptcies and malls being seized, an option being considered by Onondaga County government.