(WSYR-TV) — Dozens of extended-stay tenants asked to leave, have no place to go.

“If they’ve rented there for more than a month they are considered legal tenants and they cannot be asked to leave,” Executive Director of The Greater Syracuse Tenants Network Sharon Sherman said.

Sherman warns the influx will add to the already overwhelming housing crisis in Syracuse.

“We have a tremendous shortage so beyond the few months that they are in the motel I question where they’re going to get a permanent place to live,” Sherman said.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Onondaga County is $897, that’s a $100 increase since 2022.

A majority of the long-term Candlewood Suites hotel guests are on a fixed income and depend on subsidized housing.

“Someone who makes 50-60% or less than the median income, the very poor, that’s [subsidized housing] the only way they can find a place to live that’s in good condition and affordable,” Sherman said.