ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– A lawsuit is making it hard for some entering New York’s cannabis industry.

“Everybody right now who has been in New York State Cannabis is experiencing a level of frustration,” said Ryan McCall, an attorney for Tully Rinckey. “People who applied for licenses and were granted them aren’t able to open due to a lawsuit, and at the same time, you have the farmers who have really been the marginalized class throughout the entire litigation.”

During this week’s Cannabis control board meeting, some CUARD licensees shared their hardships. Today, the court met with attorneys virtually about the lawsuit.

“Recently, they have been trying to let a subset of those who are under the injunction move forward,” explained Wei Hu, Founding Partner of MRTA Law. “There has been a lot of back and forth over 12 provisional licensees and whether or not they can start operating. So last night, the state attorney generals office submitted an affidavit sort of clarifying the process.”

Plaintiffs will have until early next week to respond. Applications for general licenses will begin October 4th.