01-27-23 UPDATE: The Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant fundraiser raised $5,000 for Brexialee’s family. A check was delivered to the family on Tuesday.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– Since tragedy struck the Syracuse community Monday night many are wondering how they can help the family of 11-year-old Brexialee Torres-Ortiz, who was gunned down on her way home from the corner store.

One way to give back is through a fundraiser at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in downtown Syracuse on Friday, January 20. Owner Luis Colón Torres felt compelled to organize the event after hearing the tragic news, a father of three himself.

“It’s something that I can’t even imagine happening to me, I can’t even imagine what the parents are going {through},”

Luis Colón Torres, Owner Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Being a part of the Latino community, Colon-Torres said it’s his job to help out fellow Latinos in Syracuse during good times and hard ones.

Colon-Torres didn’t know the family before the tragedy but was able to share a meal with them Thursday night right before our interview. He shared how grateful they were for the help.

“Hopefully people will see this and understand there’s nothing else, just come together, fighting aside, war aside, let’s unite as a community and rise together,”

Luis Colón Torres, Owner Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Twenty percent of the restaurant’s sales on Friday will go toward the Torres-Ortiz family. Community members can also drop off monetary donations or contribute to the Cash App fund. All money raised will go directly toward helping with Brexi’s funeral expenses.