(WSYR-TV) — Gym members may miss their workout buddies, but during the pandemic, a lot of people have found new, creative ways to workout at home.

The Cedar Bay Picnic Area on the old Erie Canal Trail didn’t mean much to Aaron Hardaway before the COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, he has been going there almost every day since gyms shut down.

“I searched up calisthenic park Syracuse and this came up, as well as another park,” said Hardaway.

Hardaway said he has spent a few hundred dollars on workout equipment so he really doesn’t need a gym anymore.

Despite this, he will return to his gym, just not for the workout.

“It’s more about supporting her in my opinion, than it is about the gym membership at this point in time. So, I’m still going to go back for sure if they open back up,” said Hardaway. “Would love to see her and would love to see my Powerhouse family.”

This time away from the gym has forced many to get creative with how they work out, but the owner at Edge says he isn’t concerned about people not coming back because nothing replaces the gym experience.

“I think they’ve been making due for the most part, but it’s a replacement for what they really love,” said Ryan Vollmer, owner of Edge.

They are adapting to the circumstance, but owners and members are excited to get back to normal.