Gyms get creative, finding ways to stay in business after NY closes their doors

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NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Along with bars and movie theaters, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is ordering gyms to close beginning at 8 p.m. on Monday to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Burn Kickboxing in North Syracuse and Camillus is one of the many Central New York gyms trying to find a way to keep business open, and they’re getting creative.

Members of Burn Kickboxing will now be burning in their basement.

“We’re going digital. We’re going online, virtual workouts,” said owner Curtis Pastore. “You’ll be able to log in on your phone on your tablet.”

To keep a level of accountability, all of the classes will be streamed live. The Burn team will also be monitoring member’s workouts and giving them feedback from the studio.

“Isolation takes a really big toll,” said Camillus Studio Manager Sofia Marquez. “They depend on us to keep them in that track and having us in their homes is just gonna be another step forward.”

Even though members can’t work out next to each other, they’ll still be able to work out as a team.

“We’re also coming up with some other creative ideas as far as workout calendars and a reward system, challenges for everybody to put a checkmark on the fridge,” said Pastore.

The gym tells NewsChannel 9 it also has a plan to get kickboxing bags to their members so they can still throw jabs and uppercuts and try to have some sense of normalcy.

“For people that can’t get the bags or can’t afford the bags, to have body weights and cardio kickboxing, fitness kickboxing,” said Pastore.

The biggest thing the gym is trying to bring to everyone’s homes right now? Positivity.

There’s a lot of bad stuff going on but I can’t let that run my life and ruin my day to day activities because if I’m in a negative state, people around me are in a negative state. If you look too far ahead you get confused and panicked and there’s no sense, we can’t control anything in the future we can only control right now.

North Syracuse Studio Manager Brian Bellucci

So they’ll keep rolling with the punches, one day at a time.

Other gyms like Pure Barre and Crossfit are offering online classes to their members as well.

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