Harvest season is winding down for one of the newest crops in New York State– hemp. 

The governor sees it as the newest industrial opportunity for New York State, and so does Main Street Farms in Cortland which is overflowing with a tremendous first harvest of hemp.

“The crop this year did amazing. We had huge, huge plants and they’re beautiful and healthy,” said Main Street Farms owner Allan Gandelman. 

The crop was so good that Main Street Farms needed more space than they thought to dry their hemp.

So good main street farms needed way more space then they thought to dry their hemp.

It usually takes about two weeks before workers can cut the stems apart and strip the flowers and leaf matter and pack it in giant bags.

CBD oil, which is the only thing they’re producing from hemp at Main Street Farms right now, is selling under the Head and Heal brand.

They have made it more accessible at a cheaper price. 

“We really see hemp as a way to create more jobs, year round jobs, keep people at the farm, retain them and actually start paying people salaries,” said Head and Heal CEO Karli Miller-Hornick. 

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