(WSYR-TV) — It;’s time to get that chalk out of the garage and head downtown. Stay Fresh Design is hosting a chalk drawing contest in Syracuse this Saturday across from the Arts and Crafts Festival.

Tommy Lincoln, an artist at Stay Fresh, went to the local community to bring the event back to life after it disappeared for a bit.

Lincoln says the whole point is to get families out to draw and to be a part of the Arts and Crafts Festival.

At the event, you can find fun raffles, giveaways, and other categories people can draw to.

Tommy says the event raises awareness for the art community here in Central New York, showing people that you can in fact be an artist for a living.

“It gets a lot of artists out there, and it gets a lot of kids out there,” says Tommy.

Entrance fees are $20 for adults and $12 for those 17 and under. Prices go up by $10 if entering on the day of. Ticket purchasers also get a “swag bag.”

The Festival is this Saturday From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Montgomery Street near City Hall. It is open to all skill and age levels.

For more information, and to purchase a ticket (or two!) head to StayFresh.Design.