CANASTOTA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — With Christmas next month, many families are starting to plan their holiday gatherings. But for Military families, their holidays might look and feel much different. But you can help change that by donating a tree to them through Trees for Troops.

At Romangnoli’s Christmas Tree Farm in Canastota, it’s all about the spirit of giving.

“I think the first year was maybe 100 trees or so we sent out. Since then we’ve been sending out more and more,” says Dewey Romangnoli, owner of Romangnoli’s Christmas Tree Farm.

So much more, the farm has become a pick-up point for Trees for Troops. A nationwide effort, Romangnoli has been part of for about 15 years now.

“We harvest the trees, we’ll bail them up and we get them ready for transport, and Fed-Ex shows up on the 28 of November, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving,” says Romangnoli.

Once the trees are picked up, they’ll ship them out to Military Bases across the country, usually arriving by the end of the week.

“It gives them that you know sense of joy around Christmas. It gives them maybe a touch of home because a lot of these guys and girls are homesick,” says Romangnoli.

So far, roughly 350 trees have been collected. This year’s goal is to collect a thousand trees, and with about a week left they’re confident they’ll meet that goal.

“We’ve teamed up with several farms to help us out and hopefully we can get that number,” says Romangnoli.

All they need is your help to meet their goal!

Romangnoli added, “That’s the least we can do to thank these folks for all the sacrifices that they make for us. These military people, that’s why we have the freedoms we have.”

Trees cost $40.00 this year. If you’re interested in donating a tree or two, you have until November 19 to donate. However, they will take last-minute donations during Thanksgiving week. All trees will be shipped out to military bases the Monday after Thanksgiving, on November 28.

If it’s a big donation, like more than one tree Romangnoli asks that you call the farm and let them know ahead of time. Donations can be made by check or cash. Please send your donation through the mail or stop at the farm to drop it off.

Phone number: (315) 697-9498
Address: 8514 Oneida Valley Rd, Canastota, NY 13032