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Here's how you can get your unclaimed money from New York State

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - New York State is looking to give back some money that may belong to you! 

The State Comptroller's office is urging New Yorkers to go online and search for their unclaimed funds. On Saturday, a special booth was set up at the Fairgrounds to help people do just that.

The state has $15.5 billion in unclaimed money, coming from different entities like utility bills or old checking accounts. 

"When I first started I had an old pay check from my first job almost 20 years ago, so it was great," said CNY Regional Director Sheri Dozier Owens. "It could be from any source, the companies and entities are obligated to turn the money over to New York State.

If you're wondering if you have any unclaimed funds you can check here

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