SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Those looking for signs of economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic have to look no further than the Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

The way the hotel makes money, based on people traveling, socializing and gathering, were basically stopped for more than an entire year.

Hotel developer Ed Riley used the time to reinvent the hotel he rebuild from ruins, which includes relaunching his restaurants with old favorites and new staff.

Both restaurants, Eleven Waters and Shaughnessy’s, have new chefs revamping their menus. Next Wednesday, Eleven Waters will open for the first time since it closed in March 2020.

Jullen Merrill, whose career includes time at Pastabilities and Lemongrass, is the new chef who gets to relaunch Eleven Waters next week.

Merrill says, “There’s a lot of pent up energy. a lot of time we haven’t been able to go out and eat, spend time with friends. I think that has created a lot of hunger in Syracuse.”

Developer Ed Riley says, “Shaughnessy’s is still Shaughnessy’s, Eleven Waters is Eleven Waters, but the quality of the service, the quality of the food is going to be dramatically increased.”

The reopening of Eleven Waters next week comes at at a time when the rest of the hotel is booming.

This week, the Ancient Order of Hibernians brought its state convention to Syracuse for the first time in thirty years, selling out the hotel.

The hotel staff will have just enough time to turn around the rooms before the New York State Fire Chiefs’ convention gets to town.

“I think downtown is poised to do tremendous amount of business and recovery,” Riley says.

“This has changed perspective for a lot of people. I think things will come back stronger than ever,” says Merrill.