ROME, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – A hit Food Network show will be cooking up some new opportunities for a small-town restaurant in Rome.

The Restaurant: Impossible crew along with showrunner Robert Irvine will be visiting The Balanced Chef located at 242 W Dominick St. in Rome on November 9 and November 10.

Irvine and his crew aim to help restore failing restaurants financially and structurally while working with the restaurant owners to better help them understand why they are failing and ways to fix their business.

The Balanced Chef is primarily known for its portioned cuisines that typically consist of a select protein, a choice of veggie, and grains.

The meals come in a TV Dinneresque style and range between $10 – $21. According to the restaurant’s website, consumers can choose to ‘subscribe’ to a meal plan as well which provides the consumer with up to three meals per day at a discount.

The crew will be in Rome for two days as they work through the night fixing the restaurant.

According to, Irvine has pioneered a new genre of programming for Food Network with his extreme cooking challenge show, Dinner: Impossible, which ran for 7 seasons and over 100 episodes. He parlayed that success into the even more popular Restaurant: Impossible, which continues today. Irvine works to renovate restaurants and retrain staff in record time, he counsels owners through personal problems that were destroying their businesses.

The website also reports that on average, 1.2 million viewers tune in every week in the US alone. Restaurant: Impossible is also a worldwide phenomenon, airing in countries across the globe in various languages.