Homeowners are cleaning up the flooding mess along Oneida Lake

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CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Homeowners and businesses along Oneida Lake are doing their best to clean up the mess after last week’s heavy rainfall.

Homes are flooded, streets are closed down, but neighbors are coming together to help. One stretch still dealing with the high water levels is Beach Road in the town of Cicero.

The high water levels are from the remnants of tropical storm Fred. Cicero neighbors experienced heavy rainfall on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, but now the water is being pushed to this side of the lake.

17 years ago in 2003, Bob DiFlorio moved to Beach Road to enjoy retirement lakeside.

“I moved out here to go fishing and guess what? Now, I’m walking in water up to my ankles,” — Bob DiFlorio

Neighbors said they’ve experienced flooding similar to this, but never at the end of summer.

We’ve never seen this in August. We’ve seen in it in the spring when the snow melts, but this is totally unusual. We live on the water, so we’re used to the water. Honestly, we expect a little bit of a high water if it rains a lot, but this is unusual, and it’s difficult.

Phyllis Kosakowski, Beach Road Homeowner

Now homeowners like Kosakowski and DiFlorio are left to clean up the mess.

“The worst part about it is that it’s in our garage. It’s in my garage going up into my house. I put three pumps in my garage to pump the water out because it was close to coming in my house,” DiFlorio explained. “It was about one inch away and I said, ‘oh God no,” but we got it. I got the pumps going and they’re working well.”

Something that makes the cleanup efforts even more difficult is when drivers who don’t live on or near Beach Road are traveling through the area at high speeds.

The Cicero Police Department is patrolling the roads and issuing tickets to anyone who shouldn’t be there.

It’s only open to local residents. Please be respectful to the folks who live down here on Beach road and other areas throughout Central New York when the roads are closed to local traffic. The roads are closed for a reason. You’re seeing a lot of people sightseeing, joyriding, and one, just driving too fast. You need to drive through this road at idle, but if you don’t live down here, stay out!

Chief Steve Rotunno, Town of Cicero Police Department

“The Cicero Police have been absolutely outstanding. If you don’t live here, it affects the quality of our life,” — Phyllis Kosakowski,

Another area Cicero Police are asking the public to avoid is Route 298 due to more dangerously high water levels.

Town Supervisor, Bill Meyer, said he’s been in touch with the Cicero Highway Department, the Onondaga County Emergency Management team and the county’s Community Development Division.

Meyer said the town and county are discussing potential resources for anyone who qualifies for FEMA assistance.

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