ITHACA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be remembered as many things: a trailblazer, feminist and perhaps, a not-so-familiar title from her alma mater, a “sister.”

A 1954 graduate of Cornell University, Ginsburg spent some of her time on campus involved with the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority chapter.

Just one day after her passing, the current generation of change-makers are determined to use her legacy to pave the way.

One of her fellow sorority sisters is Abby Drucker, a sophomore at Cornell University.

“Even before I was in this sorority, I looked up to her as a role model. Somebody who I’ve seen as a powerful, intellectual and just overall incredible human,” explained Drucker.

It’s powerful to know we walked the same floors as she walked, to sit in the same chairs as she sat in, to look at the same pictures on the wall, to look at the same letters and wear the same letters that she wore. It’s just someone we can cherish, someone that we can know that went that extra mile and we can do the same as she did.

Abby Drucker, Sorority Member, Cornell Alpha Epsilon Phi Chapter

“Being part of AEPhi Cornell, gives me that hope that one day I can make a change in the world just like RBG did. Just being in the same house as her just shows you that she is a real person and she was a member of this sorority and she was someone, just like any of us,” said Kayla Bakhshi, sorority member.

The AEPhi sisters have each taken away a lesson from RBG’s legacy like never giving up on their dreams, remain steady and always push forward.

“When you go to school here, you really get the sense that you can do whatever you want. I think that with her death and remembering her legacy, we have to remember it was people like her that allowed us the privilege of being able to do whatever we want,” said Danielle Mimeles, sorority member.

That really empowers all of us to keep going, to keep doing what we love. Whether we’re questioning whether we’re good enough or not to do something…we think “what would RBG do?” and RBG would tell us to keep going, to pursue our dreams, to pursue our passions.

Abby Drucker, Sorority Member, Cornell Alpha Epsilon Phi Chapter

Many AEPhi hearts committed to one purpose, and that’s to pave the way.

Cornell University President, Martha Pollack said in a statement to NewsChannel 9 the following:

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a true hero and a giant of American jurisprudence. A relentless champion of equity, she dedicated her life to innumerable, honorable causes, always fighting for what was right,” said Cornell President Martha E. Pollack. “While the nation mourns her passing, we can find solace in the indelible imprint that she leaves on American society and on the lives of each of us who found inspiration from her actions and who will carry her spirit with us long into the future.”