SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — After four months, Hope, the German Shepherd saved by Syracuse Police, has a “furever home.”

HumaneCNY posted an update on its Facebook on Friday, August 11, letting everyone know Hope was adopted by her veterinarian foster, Dr. Anderson.

Hope has had a long journey since being rescued in May by the Syracuse Police Department from a home on Delaware Street, in Syracuse. SPD found her in a basement laying on the dirt floor, very malnourished and left to die.

Police had gone to the home for a report of a dog left in a basement and once they found Hope, she was rushed to the Veterinary Medical Center, where testing later showed that she was eating gravel to survive.

Thanks to Thomas Colabufo, a maintenance worker who was helping with an eviction at a home on Delaware Street at the time, Syracuse Police got there just in time “hours from her death.”

Colabufo told NewsChannel 9 that he asked the woman who lived there about Hope and was told she might be dead and that’s when he went looking for her and found her in the basement and called police.

The Syracuse Police named her Hope because she was a fighter.

At one point after arriving at the Veterinary Medical Center, she went into cardiac arrest and was revived by hospital staff. Even though she was hanging onto her life by a thread, she didn’t give up and had hope for her future.

On May 24, Police identified Hope’s owner as 42-year-old Hortence Ngarissona who was arrested and charged on two counts of animal cruelty and released on an appearance ticket.

After Hope was saved by Syracuse Police, Humane CNY, the Veterinary Medical Center of Central New York on Bridge Street, and Animal Alliance Greater Syracuse’s Leg Up Fund all helped take care of her.

NewsChannel 9’s Christie Casciano spoke with Humane CNY’s Director, Maureen Davison, and gave an update on how Hope was making a comeback at the end of May.

After spending time to heal, Hopes personality started coming out and she showed she loves to play and walk outside. Soon after she was taken into HumaneCNY, Dr. Anderson started fostering Hope.

A month later, NewsChannel 9’s Iris St. Meran shared an update on Hopes road to recovery where Colabufo was able to see her for the first time since he found her, and said he was ecstatic to see her looking healthy and happy.

HumaneCNY shared a recent photo of Hope, who looks like she’s had a total glow-up.

Courtesy of HumaneCNY

“We love a glow up! Hope was a fighter, and now all of the horrors she endured is in the past because… Hope is adopted!!!” stated HumaneCNY. “Hope’s amazing veterinarian foster decided there was no way Hope could be adopted elsewhere, because she was already home! Thank you Dr. Anderson for giving Hope the home she deserved all along! Happy life sweet girl!”

Finally, after being abused, Hope is now adored and will continue this new chapter of her life, filled with love and of course, hope.