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UNITED STATES (ABC NEWS) — Over $9 billion was spent on Cyber Monday and a new report says porch pirates may have an eye on your deliveries. Some homeowners and delivery drivers have some creative ways to keep your presents safe.

They’re devious, sneaky, and they’re ready to spoil your holiday season. Porch pirates, scrooges who gleefully steal packages from your front stoop are on the hunt once again.

According to consumer affairs reports and, almost 26 million packages from the United States Post Office, FedEx, and UPS were reported stolen last year alone. That’s 2.5 million more than in 2015.

With more people shopping online this year than ever before, people are fighting back against the pirates. The Boynton Beach Police Department released video of a suspect one driver says followed her truck this weekend, and then stole a package after she dropped it off. She called 911.

“As soon as they saw me coming around the corner and I saw them with the box, they flew down the road,” she said.

In Round Rock, Texas, one police station created “operation front porch.” Instead of risking theft at your home, you have your packages sent to the police station for pick up. 

Round Rock Assistant Police Chief, Willie Richards, said, “We store it, categorize it, and ask you to come pick it up within three days.” 

Homeowners are also getting creative to protect themselves from the holiday thieves as one former NASA engineer boobytrapped fake packages containing a sparkly surprise.

When a pirate loads the box into his/her car they’re greeted by a glitter explosion followed by a foul smell that has them throwing their stolen booty right out the window.

After a couple fell victim to a theft last year, they created the porch pirate lockbox, which bolts to your deck. 

“You come home, you unlock it, and your packages are there,” porch pirate lockbox creator, Kelly Whitmer, said.

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