How To Tackle Clutter Based on Your Organizing Personality

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DeClutter Coach, Deb Cabral says that clutter is personal and even those pesky piles that linger in your home say a lot about you. In the spirit of doing away with what we don’t need, Steve Infanti and Sistina Giordano shared some of their own things that they’re struggling to part with.

Half the battle Deb says, is knowing and understanding your organizing personality. Once you can settle on your ‘type,’ then getting to work is easy (sort of).

Whether you’re a ‘Social Sally,’ ‘Tidy Trish,’ ‘Visual Vivian,’ or ‘Multitasking Millie’ Deb says that there are solutions for everyone to sort and sometimes even getting rid of their own stuff.

To find your organizing personality, click here. You can also learn more about Deb by visiting her online at

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